Welcome To the 2017 Season
News and Important Dates

Please use this link to Email all inquiries to the Commissioners

TBA Coaches: The fields were cleaned up and prepared before the season
started. It is your responsibility to maintain them throughout the season. Take
the time to rake your field or spray some weed killer. These fields need to be
kept it in playable condition. If you need help or suggestions, feel free to
contact Rob Redway.
Also, any games that are rained out should be rescheduled within a week, if
possible. Be sure to contact Zach or Todd to make sure an umpire is available.
Also be sure to inform any other coaches that share the field. Make-up games
take priority over practices.

All coaches are required to turn in a copy of a certificate of completion for
concussion training. Training should be renewed every three years, at a
minimum. You can find this training at
https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/. All Area Captains have a
copy of step-by-step instructions for signing in and completing the training, if
necessary. If you have completed this or a similar training for another sport,
you can turn in a copy of that certificate of completion.

Alexis Batting Cages Flyer

Anyone interested in becoming a TBA Umpire, please Call Todd Schrock
419-346-7884 and
discuss information regarding umpiring. Thank you